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The Chilean Folk Group Gallery


1970 -Demo-Liverpool by the Pier-
Carmen Castllo been released from
prison in Chile ,Glasgow Folk Group
played-Carlos Tulo and Hugo

1975 Folk Night

1975 The MacLellan Galery, Chilean
Folk Group,hugo,Tulio,Carlos

1975,Glasgow 800 years. Left-Chilean
Folk Group -What do want to drink -at Drumchapel -right near the Kelvin river in town -Carlos alone wih guitar

1975 Calos Above, below At Drumchapel,Glasgow,Tulio Bravo,
Carlos Lno Homobone

1975-Hugo and TulioChilean folk
group-at Drumchapel -Glasgow.
Below Carlos in the same city

1976 Renfrew, Alberto,Carlos, Mchael
Foot, Tulio, Hugo (Tucahual)

1976 Solidarity performances related to the Chile Solidarity Campaing in Scotland

1976 Work on Behalf of Chile

1977 Dundee

1977 Dundee J. Bocca

1979, A tipical night for Chile in Edinburgh

1976-Grupo folkclorico Glasgow

1976-Grupo folkclorico Glasgow 1
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