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Manuel Rodriguez Gallery

Music making in Edinburgh. The Manuel Rodriguez group (1978 onwards)

When I arrived in Edinburgh from Glasgow where I had arrived in September of 1974, there was already a vibrant community of exiles and among them dancers, singers and musicians performing in Edinburgh (The Figueroa sisters, Gabriel, Angelica and others).

I formed a group with Zunilda, Ramiro, Gabriel, and Giovanna, we called our group Manuel Rodriguez and together we did a lot of solidarity work in Scotland and England in the areas of Newcastle and Durham.

Teresa was our magnificent driver and was she who used to take us to our destinations using her own car packed with instruments. Teresa was from Treviso in Italy. One member of our group, Gabriel, built his own charango. We enjoyed ourselves very much.

When the Manuel Rodriguez group disbanded I began to sing alone and I did it for a long time. Since the 80s I began to play music with Chilean guitarist Galvarino Ceron and since then we have done many things together.


1977 THe Karaxu-Batlefield bads- With
my group Manuel Rodriguez

1977-Manuel Ridriguez played here
too- Karaxu Battlefield band

1977-Manuel Rodriguez played here
too- Karaxu Battlefield band

1979-Glasgow-Red Star Club-Our edinburgh Folk Group-Mnuel Rodriguez

1980 Donald smith

1980 EDChSC

Edinburgh-Gabriel Travesani-Manuel Rodriguez Folk Group-Burn Celebrations-teaching Sylvia to dance El Costillar

Manuel Rodriguez

Manuel Rodriguez

Manuel Rodriguez-Dick Gaughan

Octo-1979-above Chaplency Centre-Edinburgh-Manuel Rodriguez Group-below 1st of May 1980-Playhouse Edinburgh

Whistlebinkies and Manuel Rodriguez

1970s - Grupos Folkloricos de Chilenos refugiados en Ediimburgh
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