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Tizona Guitar Factory

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It was located in Esperanza St. between Mapocho and Andes St. in Santiago of Chile. It was owned by Don Leonardo Rodriguez Dumont. It was the biggest guitar factory in Chile during the 1960s and 1970s. I worked here six long years and I have very fond memories about my time here.

A Studio guitar c1973

It was here at the Tizona factory, a worker from 1967 to 1973, where I learned to play the guitar. During this period took place the major Tizona's development and it coincided with a very important period n Chilean history: the Salvador Allende's presidency.

Below: My Worker Pension Book showing the value of money (represented by stamps) that I paid into my fund.

Tipical Tizona Level and series number

Tizona was a real cultural institution in Chile as many people could afford to buy one of these guitars. They were decent guitars, nothing fancy in terms of the woods or the materials used to make them. In their simplicity they were, however, made with love and technique and by a group of dedicated artisans among them Carlos Lopez Menares a friend of mine, who had now become one of the most famous Luthier in Chile. (2018)

Mis recuerdos de estas guitarras que iluminaron mi vida y las de miles de Chilenos

Tipica paleta Tizona

c. 1970- Here we are, the Tizona
workers with the great Chilean boxer Geoffrey Stevens.

The guitar has been for me a very important element in my life. A sister, a leg and a head helping me in my adult life to find the good roads to walk in life. Together, we had had a long and a very interesting musical journey dedicated to play our music and sing for my friends in Chile and for very important causes in Scotland.

I still have my Tizona made specially for me at the factory

The guitar had helped me, with musical strings, to find my place in society. It has helped me to opens doors of hope in time of need. It was so important for me me when I arrived in Scotland.. It was a loyal companion in my days of solitude in the rainy days in Glasgow of 1974.

Singing and playing for a good cause

My Tizona companions in a wedding mood

Above :Don Leonardo Rodriguez Dumont and the great Spanish singer Raphael.I worked on this guitar which was given to Raphael as a gift for promotion purposes.

Patricio Valenzuela was the floor manager and the maestro PeƱailillo was busy inventing machines to improve production from about 10 guitars a day to 40 -50 a day. At times we could even make 60 guitars a day. This was the period when our guitars were in high demand: From August until the end of year and from 9am untill midnight. In fact, there was a lady who used to came to prepare food for all of us inside the factory. The expenses were paid by Tizona.

At the entrance of the factory c.1970


1971- During this period I used to sing on radios and one day I received the below
letter from a girl that likes my songs.


Below: A letter of Recomendation Showing that I worked six years to their entire satisfaction

Below,2010. A reunion in Chile with three of my fellow Tizona workers. On the left our general manager Luis Molina, Freddy Chamorro, I and Carlos Lopez

Click below. It is about my accounts about the guitar factory. (It is the only one that exist about Tizona.) Recently, I was contacted from Chile by a university Student to allow him to use my story for his thesis on Tizona. I hope he will credit me!

Tizona and the Chile in the context of Socialist president Salvador Allende






  Carlos Arredondo, Carlos, Arredondo, Chile, Scotland, music, poetry, culture, Latin America