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Chile 40 Years On

September 1973-2013

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It had been a busy September as we have been requested to do a series of activities related to the coup d’etat of forty years ago. Most of the cultural activities have been carried out with the guitarist  Galvarino Ceron Carrasco. Below are testimonies of these activities which were very well attended. In the case of the concert of the 14th of September in Edinburgh, unfortunately  about forty to fifty people could not get into the hall as it had reach its full capacity.With Fiona and Iona, lecturers at Edinburgh University - Hispanic Studies, managed to put on for two weeks at Leith Library, ‘Jan’s Papers – Chile in   1973’, an exhibition of Chilean newspapers from 1970s brought to Scotland by my friend the late Jan Fairley. We were invited to Stirling to take part in a private reception given by Patricia Pizarro to thanks all those people who had been involved in the Stirling Chilean Solidarity Campaign  in the 1970s among her guests was the former Labour MP Dennis Canavan who had had an active role in the Campaign in this area. We were also invited to Glasgow to appear in the concert ‘Justice for Victor Jara’ organised by the Alistair Hulett Memorial Trust. We appear alongside some Scottish musicians and Peggy Seeger. The Edinburgh and Glasgow SWP branch invited us to participate in two commemorations events of Chile Forty Years On. Fiona and Iona invited us to give a talk about Chile to her university students and some music of the period. In addition, I was requested by The Cinema club, Edimburgh to present the Chilean film ‘NO’ and to give interviews for The Scotsman, BBC radio Scotland, and The International Business Times of New York. I was also asked to write for a Student magazine in La Serena in Chile and a short piece for the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre magazine. There were many expenses incurred in most activities and were all covered by the donation received at the concert: £ 491.00. After paying costs, FABULA were left with £200.00 which along with a £400.00 donations given to FABULA by Miss Ada Pagan were sent to Chile to help two fishermen from he area of Tumbes. We bought them some important fishing equipments. They had lost everything during the tsunami affecting Chile in 2010. The fishermen receiving our aid were: Juan Alarcon Pino, reg. pesquero artesanal N° 65817 and Mauricio Parra Estuardo, reg. pesquero artesanal N° 80023. With many thanks to Mauro Mosciatti of Radio Bio Bio in the city of Concepcion for helping us in Scotland to coordinate our aid.

Bien abajo a la izquierda, entrega de traje de buceo e implementos
para pescar a los pescadores de Tumbes nombrados arriba gracias a una donacion de FABULA y la Sra Ada Pagan.










  Carlos Arredondo, Carlos, Arredondo, Chile, Scotland, music, poetry, culture, Latin America